From Thursday till yesterday, I felt like the end of the first Hobbit movie. They get captured by goblins and then every possible disaster happens after that, including the dead Great Goblin falling on top of them and dangle from one single tree.
First, I woke up Thursday morning to a lot of snow. Got a little worried because Maggie and I were going to go resale shopping (and I had a dance class that morning). Thankfully, the snow subsides before my class. I clean off the car, Mom and I get in and she starts the car.

Mom, “We’re almost out of gas.”
Me, “No.”
To make it worse, some light is going off that Mom says means the car is going to over heat.

Me, “Can we still drive it?”
Mom, “No.”
The whole day just fell apart. Gone.
Mom turns off the car and then starts it again. The little light it gone. We let out a sigh of relief and proceed to the gas station before I go to dance class. Unfortunately, the heat is not working, once again. Did I mention that it I like 9 degrees out?
We get to the gas station. Now the gas cap thing won’t come off. ARGH!!! After calling Dad, and pulling at it for a while, freezing at the same timw, Mom finally gets it off. Then the pump isn’t working, but soon enough it does.
We get to dance. I’m dropped off, and for two hours nothing went wrong. Till after.

I had texted Maggie the day before the time she could pick me up after dance. Well, she was ten minutes late. I check my texts just in case and read what I had texted her. 12:45, not 11:45.

I text her the mistake and the correct times. My dance teacher offers to take me home and Maggie will pick me up from there. So my dance teacher drives me safely there. After she drops me off I take out the keys and go to unlock the door.
Wrong key. Try the other. Doesn’t work either.

There are no keys to the house. And no one is at home.

I ended up calling Dad. Then Mom called, and I waited between the locked door and the screen door, dance bag pulled in front of me, hat on, and large wool coat (thanks Mom for making me bring it) pulled over my legs. At least I was out of the wind.
Thankfully Maggie did pick me up on time, and we had a blast.

Me, jumping back into the car from a store, “It’s so windy!!!”
Maggie, “Because Avon is a WASTELAND!”
The rest of the night went well, till Dad picked me up from another dance class ending at 9:15.

Dad, “We have to pick up Mom.”
Me, “Why?”
Dad, “The car won’t start.”
And when we got there the car battery was dead, and the spark plugs broke. We drive home in the working car. And to end the night, Mom burns her finger.
The next day, the car gets a flat tire.
Yesterday, I ran the sewing machine needle through my finger. I even bent the needle. Still quite surprised that I didn’t scream out in pain but relatively calmly pulled up the needle to free my finger.
And I drew this today at an owl sketching class (they had live owls. Sitting there all cute and puffy, staring at you without blinking. I want to hug them! Even though they do look kinda grouchy.)     And that’s pretty much it.

Alp out.

It was really fun drawing on black paper and with metallic pencils and stuff. Can’t really see all the detail in the picture though…..I was too lazy to hook the computer up to the scanner.

One thought on ““And nothing unexpected ever happened.” ~Bilbo Baggins

    The urge to hug would have overcome me. Then I would have gotten clawed in the face…
    Oh my gosh though, you guys are possibly cursed. With a Car and Finger Curse. (The worst kind.) The only way to break it is to eat peanut butter while standing on your head and singing “Old King Glory Had a Castle” as a live owl perches on your foot. Obviously.


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