Felt like a short week. But, I reached 70,000 words on GC&WC (woot!), and drew a really cool picture:

I drew the rider without a picture (though I did with a little bit of the face) and the horse I used a picture. Lots of hair!

Also decided that I  have to redo my entire wardrobe. But that’s another story. A little complicated.
      For some reason while I was writing this week, I decided to listen to the music from Peer Gynt, which is a shocker since I never listen to classical music. I used to when Thol and I were little (ok, and when she was not in college. All of a sudden she went to college and poof! Classical music was mostly out of my life). After that was over, I continued to listen to other classical songs from childhood (I didn’t of any Verdi, so that was a bummer). Then as all the familiar songs rolled by I remembered all the dances we made up and the plays that we used to do…..
I played quite a cast of characters when I was little, including a rock (Thol, my cousin, and I did the opening scene from the Two Towers….”Can you see the bottom?” “No! Just keep going!”…on the swing set.), General Cornwallis (we performed the battle of Yorktown to Procession of the Nobles by Rimsky Korsakov. We used a plunger for a cannon.), and I played Gimli for a one line part once. When we did a play of  the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (It was a rather shortened version.) I played  Lucy (I was the youngest after all), Ginnerbrick (the White Witch’s dwarf. I was the smallest.), and Aslan. (Why. I have no idea. But I am pretty sure I used Ginnerbrick’s beard for my tail. )Then there were other tons of dances we did. Once we did a dance to the Anvil Chorus by Verdi. There was Balin, Dori, and Fili. In which case I was Fili (HAHA! I was the coolest dwarf!!!!). We also did a dance with Gimli, Legolas, and Bilbo. I was Bilbo. And I think the song was by Verdi. 
  When we were planning to do The Fellowship of the Ring, I got the hardest parts (unlike the infamous rock). For one,  I had to be Boromir and die. I was like ten! Oh, and Bilbo, so I had to cry and go insane over the Ring (in that one scene in the movie when he gives Frodo Sting). And Elrond. So. I had to be grouchy.
  And there were so many others….including one where Mom played Grima (somehow we roped Dad into that one as Théoden and than Aragorn).
 Tis all for now!!

Peace out,

P.S I found out the second Hobbit movie doesn’t come out on DVD till April 8th. WHY??
P.P.S “O000hh, misty eye of the mountain, beeeelooww…”

One thought on “The Show Must Go On.

  1. You really need to be an illustrator for a publisher! Just saying….. Ahhh yes… those were the days. Now I’m on the real stage. Who knew? Gimli, Balin, Edmund, Eomer, Lafayette, to a theater major…. You were the best fellow actor of all…


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