So I’ve been sitting here piddling away at writing, wasting time on Pinterest, and poking my eyes out over Pandora (there’s ads, can only skip so many songs….blarg) when suddenly I realized I was supposed to write a blog today.
So here I am.

I don’t actually think I’ve done any art projects this week. I started a knitted a sweater, tried drawing a few characters from my novel, and that’s about it. However, I read Hamlet and finished the Tale of Despereaux. Also, last night Mom and I decided that if I ever opened up a restaurant (which  never will. I don’t really even enjoy cooking, do not know if I am even good at it. But I am good at baking. Want a cookie?) it would be called Durin’s Door  (I came up with the name, though both Mom and I first thought the Green Dragon.) Sounds inviting, right?
Yes, that has been my week. Nothing exciting. School. Dance. School. Dance. Dance. Writing. School. Dance. Filmed with Maggie. Dance. School. Valentine’s Day. Shopping. Saturday (in which case I devoured this crystalized ginger that quite woke me up and was too “gingery” for Mom.) We also watched North by Northwest (why is it called that anyway? Why is the scene when he’s dodging the plane in a cornfield so famous? In fact, why is that movie famous besides the fact that it is directed by Alfred Hitchcock?). It was a fail. At first it was really good (Mom was on the edge of her seat. It actually kinda reminded me of when we watched Iron Man 3 for the first time…..Mom was beginning to make me jumpy.) then it lacked….the girl I think was the problem. Also there were too many loose ends. And it ended too quickly. It tried to be too clever and instead was just too annoying.
The Greatest Show on Earth was much better.

Since I didn’t crack out any art projects this week, today I hope to bake some cinnamon swirl bread and continue knitting my sweater.



One thought on “Nothing Clever Yesterday. Nothing Clever Today.

  1. Sounds like a riveting week (sarcastically speaking)! Pandora’s adds are pretty annoying. And when you can’t skip a song. Go to another channel for a while then come back to the channel you were just on. Maybe try Spotify. I think it works a lot differently but might be cool for you to check out. Also, wasting time on Pinterest. Been there, done that this week in my Ineedtocoolmybraindownbecauseitisgoingtoexplode time.


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