Mom has started the Cleaning of the Carpets for Thanksgiving (and Thol is coming home!!!! (infinite exclamation marks)) and the vacuum thingy is really loud. VERRRRRRRR. VERRRRR. VRRRRR. VRRR. VERRRRR.
Dad also reminded me that it smells. So we both evacuated to our rooms upstairs. Except now Mom is going to clean upstairs. Not my room though,  no way. Not while every other room in the house is wet and weird smelling. I’m not sitting in the basement!!
But besides that, something else interesting happened at the grocery store.

Mom, while looking at beef, “Alp, this is $100.”
Me, “What?”
A slab “filet mignon.” which, let’s face it, is only fancy because of the name. If we called it “Long Blob of Beef that Tastes Good” no one would care. Or maybe they would. I d0n’t know (All I noticed was that is looked far too similar to “the Blob”)
Me, “But it’s a piece of cow! How can a piece of cow cost $100?”
Later, “It’s a piece of a dead animal!”
Mom, “All right!”
Obviously, we did not buy the filet mignon.
A few minutes ago, while on a break to grab some dinner, I only found cereal as a quick meal. But then I saw Dad carrying a some sort of food wrapped up in tin foil to the fridge.
Me, “What is that?”
Dad, “Cornbread.”
Me, disappointed, “oh, ”
Dad, “You looked at it like a ravishing wolf. ”
Me, “Well I thought you might have made sausages or something, I guess not. ”
But the raisin bran was good. :)



One thought on “Thanksgiving Prep.

  1. oh my goodness, no way was that piece of beef that much money. That is soooo ridiculous all for a few enjoyable bites that lasts only a few seconds? No way.. I AM COMING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sooo excited. I can’t wait to sleep in my own bed, in my house, with my family….


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