It is All Hallows Eve. I am sitting on the porch waiting for Trick or Treating to start. Mom is taking photos. Dad is doing laundry (WHY?), and so abandoning his post. I am wearing my lousiest costume ever: a (awesome) mask and a cape.
But it is pretty classic.

It is rainy, blustering, and makesewanttorunincircleswithmycapeblowingandflyinginthegreyskyandsingingsomethingandgoingonanadventureandsneakaroundcornersandoooooo.

So anyway. Why does Trick or Treating start at 6:00?? It’s not even dark! Those rules are for WIMPS.

Yesterday Mom and I went to the MetroParks. It was warm, sunny, fall-ish, and overall the perfect day for a nice photo taking walk. So we get there and walk around. Me wandering off the path and climbing over random logs and lalalala. We see a woodpecker, some ducks in the beautiful reflection in the river. PERFECTLY clear.
We start to head back to the car.

Mom doesn’t have the keys.

She knows she put them in her pocket, and I saw them there too. We retrace our steps around the nature center and ask the lady if someone handed the keys in.

Lady, “Not today!”
We bolt out of the center and start retracing our steps to the other side of the road. She thinks she had the keys there. None found. We walk farther down the path. And on. Nothing is found. So I call Dad so he can come rescue us. After all he will be coming home from work.

Me, “Hi. We trapped in the forest. ”
Dad, “What?”
Me, “We’re trapped in the forest.”
Dad, “Florist, or forest?”
I end up telling him the story and tell him where we parked. He only laughs and Mom and I begin heading back to the car. We take a seat overlooking the river. Thol calls us. We see some cardinals chasing each other. A random cat walking in the distance. Then we move to the picnic tables next to the car. Mom goes off to take pictures of some tree.

The sun is getting lower. I am wearing a tank top.

In other words I am beginning to freeze. At last, Dad calls again. He can’t find the extra pair of keys for the car. Oh boy.
After a longer while (Mom beginning to doubt if the keys are actually in her purse which is in the car. Along with our jackets.) Dad arrives. Mom and I bolt into the car and shut the windows.

Me, “Is there any food?”

Dad calls AAA. After the call, Mom thinks she lost the keys by a particular tree. (leaves keep blowing onto my laptop.)

Me, “I’m COLD.”
Because suddenly I just became Maggie while we make a movie. *sigh*

Dad gives me his jacket. Honestly, it went down to my thigh, almost longer than my skirt. So it looked something like a tunic (I pretended it was a cape. I was quite feeling like a poor-orphan-dickens-kid-from-London at the moment.) We walk back through the woods. Walking fast.
I walk past a couple.

Lady, asking Mom, “Did you loose something?”
Mom, “Yes, my keys.”
Lady, holding them up, “Hear they are!”
Thank God!!!  (Whole heartily)

Well, its getting darker. I need a piece if candy.

Happy All Hallows Eve!






3 thoughts on ““He Thinks I’m Dracula.”

  1. OOOOOHHHH! Bug, I want to be home with you and experience all of your adventures with you. I wish I could have been there trick-or-treating with you. Hawkeye and the Venetian… it would have been epic.


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