Every time I think of that quote (from Iron Man 3. I could have a whole post on that subject) I want to start burst out laughing.

Anyway…….I was Skype-ing with Thol the other night and then she said that she thinks I need a new obsession (I was thinking that might not be a good thing, I am already obsessed with quite enough). And so she suggested, “Like, blogging.”
A gave her a look.

So here I am. Blogging. And now I forget what I was going to say.

I really did have something to say. I really did. Oh, yeah! About Pinterest! But I don’t want to talk about that anymore. Makes me too upset.
So let’s relook at topic to blog about…..

Well yesterday I went to dance class and got all stretched out. But Mom needed a new “Monkey Suit” (A fancy outfit/dress) so Mom and Dad picked me up after dance and we went to the mall.
My neck and back cramped up after five minutes.
Mom did end up finding a really cool outfit. After she tried on a ton of dresses, search aimlessly around Macy’s, and walked through the mall which felt like going through…..something (volcano? war zone? End of the World? The Essence of the word Turmoil?). It was crowded and noisy. I’m never going to the mall on a Saturday again.
Then I put some food on the stove and crashed on the couch.

And then we watched Iron Man 3! For the second time this week! (Gladly the second time though. First time I was a little confused.)

Alp out.

2 thoughts on ““And I stole a poncho from a wooden Indian.”

  1. eee!!! You posted a blog :) I think I just need to watch Iron Man 3 with you guys and I will like it better. It was kind of lonesome without my family. I did love that line about the Wooden Indian though! I also liked it when he was telling the people out of the airplane to play “Barrel of Monkeys” I immediately thought of Toy Story… I also loved it when he was doing his little dance to his jingle bell music in the beginning of the movie. I laughed :) Also, your mall description is quite accurate.


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