Well, I’m at my Aunt Joanna’s, and at her Church there is going to be a car trunk sale (yesterday we went through a whole room of boxes. And then I lugged out the empty ones (and the trash bags) out to the dumpster…). And it is cloudy, and I was like “yay!” but Mom and Aunt Joanna didn’t think that was a good thing since people probably won’t go outside for shopping on a cold, cloudy, rainy day….

Me, “Well what if it is cloudy without rain?”

Aunt Joanna, “I hope your not a vampire.”

Me, “It’s not that I don’t like sunny days,”

Mom, “She’s a writer.”

Later on……

Aunt Joanna, “Alp! The sun’s coming out!”

Me, “AHH!!!!”

Aunt Joanna, “Better get back in your coffin!”

Me, *snicker*



Also, when we get back home, I need to spiff my room up again. Make some pillows, vacuum, hang something new above my bed……

Take us out,


One thought on ““Which is why I’m running through a jungle wearing a disguise! Kirk out!”

  1. Firstly, I love your title! I cannot WAIT to watch that movie with you during Thanksgiving :) (BIG SMILEY) My little Bug always likes the cloudy days… That’s why she knits me such cozy little blankets, neck warmers, and cuffs :) She knows how to keep me warm and cuddly and cute during her favorite weather!


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