Just watched Stark Trek: Into Darkness for the first time. We were only able to watch it by chance, since we are staying at a hotel and they had it available there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (We are driving back from dropping Thol off at college. Sadly.)

Oh. My. Goodness.

I love that movie. (plus Star Trek in general. And at one point of the movie both Dad and I said “It’s the Borg!” turns out it wasn’t. But that would have been pretty cool.)

Though at one point I was about to plan my revenge on the screenwriters. Thankfully, I didn’t have to do that. The screenwriters kept their great standard.

Anyway, the plot was great, the characters, and the villain was a welcomed surprise. I nearly jumped out of my seat when he told then who he was. Actually, I did, although I was sitting in a bed.

Oh! and I finally understand the Prime Directive, which is that Starfleet cannot intervene in other cultures,  natural happenings on different worlds, yada yada yada. Well, why is that?? Because if you go around preventing thing from happening, like a volcano exploding a planet, which seems horrible, yet, it is not your planet and it natural, you end up ruling the universe and “playing God.” Thank you Captain Pike.
Alp out.

(though it doesn’t sound as catchy as “Kirk out” it will half to do.)

3 thoughts on ““No ship should go down without her captain.”

  1. oh dear… I am seriously jealous that you watched Star Trek without me!!!!! I am doomed to wait another week or so…. And.. you never noticed what the prime directive was??? (face palm) that is sad, just really sad… I miss you so bad! How could you leave me in Kansas all by my lonesome???


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